About Us

BD English School is an online School. It has been created to teach English grammar, English speaking and other English topics in the easiest way. Our aim is to disseminate the light of English to the people of all ages. BD English School always tries to publish the easiest method of learning English.  Here you will find a wonderful technic of learning English grammar. BD English School has shown the rules of grammar, the technic of speaking and easy way of free handwriting.

Grammar has been discussed in an easy way so that the readers can understand it by going through only one time.  We have started from the root level so that everyone can learn grammar easily. BD English School can ensure you if you go through the content you can understand the grammar as your own way.

We also try to discuss the technic of speaking English and free handwriting. Our site is full of English content over all kinds of topics. If you follow our video contents you will be smart in English.